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Rules of Play: What to Know Before You Begin

Posted on December 18, 2021 by Kraig Keleher

Although swinging is a good solution to branch from your ordinary experience, there are several things that you need to remember to help keep everyone happy and safe.

NO means NO

If you're in a swinging experience and someone else decides they don't desire to participate or changes their mind about a thing that they're doing, you need to pay attention to them. This is simply not a casino game of pushing limits, so if someone is uncomfortable, you then must be prepared to stop. They could not be equipped for something at this time. Maybe they'll be later.


Being in a sexual experience or situation with another person is definitely an exhilarating experience, but only when you feel as if you are increasingly being treated with respect. You do not want anyone being rude or judgmental for you, do you? On a single note, if the couples in the problem have set certain rules of play, you then have to honor them.


If you're rejected, then do not go on it personally. Being in this open and honest environment is incredibly satisfying, but additionally very honest. If someone isn't interested, then move ahead. It's nothing personal.


If you or your lover experiences any feelings of jealousy, you then want to discuss them immediately. Discover what made you jealous and make an effort to compromise on ways to solve the problem. Don't keep quiet about any of it, it can ensure it is a whole lot worse.

Common sense

If you are feeling uncomfortable with an individual, then remove yourself from the problem. Even if your lover is happy, trust yourself as well as your feelings to help you to safe and happy swinging experiences. Watch someone else's body language. Should they look uncomfortable, stop what you are really doing or saying. Should they appear to be giving an answer to you, then you're in an excellent groove.

Privacy matters

The life of swinging involves some discretion for everybody involved. Since not many people are as open as you, you will have to feel as if whatever continues on in the swinging situation will remain between your persons involved. Activities aren't shared with Other people, only with one another.

Honoring your partner

Make sure your lover realizes they are the most crucial area of the swinging experience. Don't just reach the club or other location and dash off with another person. Take time to touch and become affectionate together with your partner prior to going onto other things. Show them they are the main that you experienced. Discover a way to show one another that you're thinking about them. Some couples prefer to reserve certain acts for every other alone. And leaving together by the end of the fun also shows your commitment to one another.

Taking enough time to create rules prior to starting to swing can help you avoid any problems later on. Research everything and ensure that you communicate with your lover. And also have fun!.